Agilent 34401a Manual Pdf

Select any measurement function. This is the power-on trigger source for remote interface operation.

Place the multimeter in a known state often the reset state. Page Calibration Security The security code can only be changed from the remote interface after the instrument has been unsecured. This command does not initiate the measurement. To select the internal trigger source, send the following command. In most cases, neither method measures the capacitor at its exact frequency of application.

Agilent 34401a manual pdf

Remote operation will only allow you to access the functionality of the multimeter language selected. Selects a lower range and disables autoranging. The following steps show how to disable the comma.

Multimeter is waiting for a single trigger or external trigger. Toggles between auto trigger and reading hold. The menu is organized in a top-down tree structure with three levels menus, commands, and parameters.

Read the maximum value found during a min-max operation. You can take advantage of the full functionality of the A only through the programming language.

Agilent Technologies 34401A User Manual

Page Application Programs This chapter contains several remote interface application programs to help you develop programs for your measurement application. Specify the resolution in the same units as the measurement function, not in number of digits. Lift the keyboard and display assembly from the plastic housing. Page Limit The secondary display shows the present reading.

For example, the multimeter will beep when a stable reading is captured in reading hold. The threshold resistance is stored in non-volatile memory, and does not change when power has been off or after a remote interface reset.

This feature is available only from the remote interface. Include the model number and full serial number. This is particularly important if you are measuring resistances above k. Be careful not to twist or bend the push rod. We have written the exercises in this chapter to prepare the multimeter for use and help you get familiar with some of its front-panel operations.

Agilent 34401a manual pdf

Read the minimum value found during a min-max operation. You must use the same security code to unsecure the multimeter as was used to secure it, and vice versa. The following steps demonstrate how to store readings and retrieve them. Connecting Power to the Multimeter Connect the power cord and press the Power switch to turn on the multimeter.

Its combination of bench-top and system features makes this multimeter a versatile solution for your measurement needs now and in the future. This configuration is recommended for optimal noises and settling time performance during calibration.

However, you can use manual ranging for faster measurements since the multimeter does not have to determine which range to use for each measurement. Throughout this manual, the following conventions are used for command syntax. When the display is turned off, readings are not sent to the display and all display annunciators except Front-panel operation is otherwise unaffected by turning off the display.


You may want to disable the front-panel beeper for certain applications. The multimeter clears the value when min-max is turned on, when power has been off, or after a remote interface reset.

Agilent 34401a manual pdf

Only the following section. Page Dc Voltage Gain Adjustment Procedure Check the input value, range, function, and entered adjustment value to correct the problem and repeat the adjustment step. This limited test assures you that the multimeter is operational. Page Capacitance Measurements kHz. Refer to the A Programmer's Reference online help for remote interface commands.

If anything is missing, contact your nearest Agilent Sales Office. Always refer to Agilent Web site for the latest revision. Page Index Index If you have questions relating to the operation of the multimeter, call in the United States, 3420g pdf or contact your nearest Agilent Sales Office. Refer to your Fluke A or A Instruction Manual for further remote interface programming information.

Limit Limit math feature enabled Null Null math feature enabled. Page Features And Functions Features and Functions You will find that this chapter makes it easy to look up all the details about a particular feature of the multimeter. However, this command does not offer much flexibility.

The selected math operation remains in effect until you disable it, change functions, turn off the power, or perform a remote interface reset. Software Bus Triggering The bus trigger mode is available from the remote interface only. Check to see if you have enclosed the character string in single or double quotes and that the string contains valid the ending quote is missing. Continuity test function selected.

Rotate the line-voltage selector until the correct voltage appears in the window. If you do not specify a trigger delay, the multimeter automatically selects a delay for you.

Diode test function selected. The language selection is stored in non-volatile memory, and does not change when power has been off or after a remote interface reset.

For the best accuracy, take a zero null measurement with open probes, to null out the test lead capacitance, before connecting the probes across the capacitor to be measured. Calibration Security This feature allows you to enter a security code to prevent accidental or unauthorized calibrations of the multimeter. Should Stevens Creek Blvd.

The multimeter will accept data from the interface. It then subtracts the zero reading from the preceding reading.