Applications of single phase squirrel cage induction motor, what is squirrel cage induction motor

Hence, at that moment the rotor experiences zero tangential force hence the rotor decelerates for the moment. Since the rotor has a very low resistance, the starting torque was very poor. Synchronous speed is the speed of rotation of the magnetic field in a rotary machine, and it depends upon the frequency and number poles of the machine. Transactions of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers.

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This induces a current in the rotor winding, which produces its own magnetic field. Notice that the single wire loop is connected to a resistor and together they form a closed loop. In both cases, they are isolated from their shafts.

Three Phase Induction Motor


The squirrel cage winding of a synchronous machine will generally be smaller than for an induction machine of similar rating. This motor is one phase since it is so small. Bearings are provided as the base for rotor motion, and the bearings keep the smooth rotation of the motor. After giving the supply, if the rotor is made to rotate in either direction by an external force, then the motor will start to run. The intrinsic performance of this machine matches well with the nature of wind, having a variable speed and not being in our control.

Polyphase motors have rotor bars shaped to give different speed-torque characteristics. At standstill, the rotor current is the same frequency as the stator current, and tends to travel at the outermost parts of the cage rotor bars by skin effect. It is simple, from the name itself we can understand that here, the induction process is involved.

In simple words, the induction motor which uses a squirrel cage rotor is called squirrel cage induction motor. In squirrel cage induction motor starting torque is very low. Thus the outer cage has a high resistance with low reactance to resistance ratio and the inner cage has low resistance but high reactance to resistance ratio. To withstand high currents, geilenkirchen singletreff the rotor structure is modified and more resembles a cage than a winding. Similar is the operation of the induction motor in parallel with a synchronous motor serving as a power factor compensator.

In effect the rotor is carried around with the magnetic field but at a slightly slower rate of rotation. It is made of thin laminations, separated by varnish insulation, to reduce eddy currents circulating in the core. The three types of capacitor motors are capacitor start, capacitor run, and capacitor start and run motors. Thus, the rotor will feel the torque that rotates the rotor in the direction of the rotating magnetic flux. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

These motors are well suited for those applications where there is a limitation in starting current. Squirrel cage induction motors are commonly used in many industrial applications. We saw Squirrel cage induction motor Applications.

Working principle and types of an Induction Motor

Induction motor
Squirrel cage Induction motor Advantages Disadvantages and Applications

Point to be noted that fan used in home appliances is a single phase induction motor which is inherently not self-starting. In a single-phase split-phase motor, reversal is achieved by changing the connection between the primary winding and the start circuit. That is why we use a capacitor in the single-phase induction motor. It has only one phase still it makes the rotor to rotate, so it is quite interesting. The rotor of the squirrel cage motor has no winding, and there is no need for the rotor to be electrically connected to any electricity.

  • The method of changing the direction of rotation of an induction motor depends on whether it is a three-phase or single-phase machine.
  • When current flows through the rotor circuit it generates rotor flux.
  • The normal running windings within such a single-phase motor can cause the rotor to turn in either direction, so the starting circuit determines the operating direction.
  • Some very small rotors which operate on the basis of eddy current, have their rotor as solid steel without any conductors.

This rotating magnetic field has a speed which is known as the synchronous speed. The capacitor of these motors are sometimes built onto the motor or located remotely away from the motor primarily making it easier to replace. When an alternating current is run through the stator windings, partnervermittlung elitepartner a rotating magnetic field is produced.

Here rotor core is laminated to avoid power losses from eddy current and hysteresis. For this to work the motor must see a reactive load, and either be connected to a grid supply or an arrangement of capacitors to provide excitation current. The construction of Stator of the induction motor is almost the same as other motors. All the necessary information in one place.

  1. There are two types of induction motors.
  2. Here you will know the Squirrel cage induction motor working principle, construction, application and advantages of the squirrel cage induction motor.
  3. But the rotor construction differs with respect to the type which is specified above.
  4. The winding on a stator is mounted in such a way that it provides low reluctance path for generated flux by A.
  5. So here there is two fluxes, one is the stator flux and the other is the rotor flux, and the rotor flux will lag behind the stator flux.

What is Squirrel Cage Induction Motor

The rotor flux will be lagging in respect of the stator flux. This rotor is made up from parallel aluminum or copper bars. The interaction between the stator's revolving magnetic field and the copper-pipe-rotor's induced magnetic field produces a torque and thus rotation. If the copper pipe is inserted inside the stator, there will be an induced current in the pipe, and this current will produce a magnetic field in the pipe. The windings are accessible through slip rings.

Working & Applications

Actually, wandern single when we give supply to stator winding then the current starts to flow in the coil will produce a magnetic flux in the coil. Rotor conductor bars are short-circuited with two end rings. Or we can say in synchronous speed. These rotor currents generate their self-magnetic field which will interact with the field of the stator.

Electrical Academia

The motor rotor shape is a cylinder mounted on a shaft. The rotor is constructed with deep and narrow slots so as to obtain high reactance while starting. At a given power rating, lower speed requires a larger frame.

Squirrel Cage Induction Motor Working Principle

This is the working principle of both single and three phase induction motors. These motors consist of the split phase, shaded pole, and capacitor motors. There are end rings which are welded or electrically braced or even bolted at both ends of the rotor, thus maintaining electrical continuity. The stator poles are equipped with an additional winding in each corner called a shade winding as shown in fig. Induction motors are cheaper than synchronous motors.

Induction Motor Working Principle Types & Definition

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Three Phase Induction Motor

Since rotation at synchronous speed would result in no induced rotor current, an induction motor always operates slightly slower than synchronous speed. The interaction of the magnetic fields of currents in the stator and rotor produce a torque on the rotor. Because of that, zagreb the rotor will feel a torque which will make the rotor to rotate in the direction of the rotating magnetic field.

Various regulatory authorities in many countries have introduced and implemented legislation to encourage the manufacture and use of higher efficiency electric motors. To optimize the distribution of the magnetic field, windings are distributed in slots around the stator, with the magnetic field having the same number of north and south poles. It is almost same for any given synchronous motor or a generator.

Single phase capacitor motors are the next step in the family of single phase induction motors. The generating mode for induction motors is complicated by the need to excite the rotor, which begins with only residual magnetization. The loop ends are fixed to the slip rings, and two brushes make the connection between the slip rings and the external circuit. The moment rotor catches the rotating magnetic field the rotor current drops to zero as there is no more relative motion between the rotating magnetic field and rotor.

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