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Move the graphics cursor to the Line icon in the Draw toolbar. Drag on the image to reposition the image. Move the cursor to the left side of the model and click the Center option as shown. To see the templates, click the Application menu New. Select the Rectangle command by clicking once with the left-mouse-button on the icon in the Draw toolbar.

Select Finish Sketch in the popup menu to end the Sketch option. Pick the back face of the solid. Select Decal in the Create toolbar to activate the command.

Select the TigerFace image as shown. The sketching plane is a reference location where two-dimensional sketches are created.

On your own, confirm the preview of the extruded feature appears as shown in the above figure. The All option instructs the software to calculate the extrusion distance and assures the created feature will always cut through the full length of the model. This release marks a continued focus on improved perform. Each wedge on the wheel represents a single navigation tool. Note that the sketch plane is aligned to the selected face.

Autodesk Inventor remembers the last used mode when you exit the Orbit command. Select the English tab as shown below. Inventor customers from around the world continue to provide feedback and drive enhancements to the Inventor experience.

We can also specify a height value and a tapered angle. Left-click once on the icon to activate the Dimension command. Note that all dimensions disappeared from the screen.

Autodesk Inventor Professional Tutorial PDF

Tell us about your issue and find the best support option. Pick a location below the sketch to place the dimension. Create the two location dimensions to describe the position of the sketch relative to the top corner of the solid model as shown. The new improvements and key enhancements of the software are incorporated into the lessons. Drag on the handles to orbit around the horizontal or vertical axis.

Select the Insert Image command in the Insert toolbar as shown. Full Navigation Wheel The Navigation Wheel contains tracking menus that are divided into different sections known as wedges.

Note that Autodesk Inventor will keep this activated project as the default project until another project is activated. Autodesk Inventor Certified Products Directory. Autodesk Inventor expects us to identify the starting location of a straight line. With this in mind each tutorial introduces a new set of commands and concepts, honda vfr 400 nc30 manual.pdf building on previous chapters.

Modeling Assembly and AnalysisAutodesk Autocad And Inventor Tutorial

This function acts as if you are using a video camera. The Free Orbit tool is accessible while other tools are active. Moving downward will magnify the scale of the display. Move the cursor on the Orbit option to highlight the option. Mayck Jerson Oscanoa Yurivilca.

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The icon is the picture of a hand. You should also save before making any major modifications to the model. As you move the graphics cursor, you will see a digital readout next to the cursor and also in the Status Bar area at the bottom of the window. Pick Create in the New File dialog box to accept the selected settings. The display viewing functions and the basic two-dimensional sketching tools are also demonstrated.

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Its unique modular organization puts key information at your fingertips, while step-by-step tutorials make it an ideal resource for self-learning. How many solid features were created in the tutorial? The Constrained Orbit can be used to rotate the model about axes in Model Space, equivalent to moving the eye position about the model in latitude and longitude. Click on the icon next to the display mode button on the Standard toolbar, as shown in the figure.

Select the dimension that is at the bottom of the sketch by double-clicking on the dimension text. Computer input and output devices we use today are largely twodimensional in nature, which makes this modeling technique quite practical.

When using a geometric modeler, we therefore need to have a good understanding of what its inherent limitations are. We will modify all of the dimensions once we are finished with all the necessary editing. Geometric Constraint Symbols Autodesk Inventor displays different visual clues, or symbols, to show you alignments, perpendicularities, tangencies, etc. When you open a drawing file, it opens with a default sheet containing the border, title block, and other elements specified in the template.

Select the New File icon with a single click of the left-mouse-button. Click once with the right-mousebutton to bring up the option menu. We will use the English setting inches for this example. Note that the sketching plane can be any planar part surface or datum plane.

You will learn to draw walls, doors and openings, windows, stairs, and elevations. Precise scale or lengths are not needed. Dynamic Input can be used for entering precise values, but its usage is somewhat limited in parametric modeling. This text is intended to be used as a training guide for both students and professionals. Once the ViewCube is displayed, it is shown in one of the corners of the graphics window over the model in an inactive state.

Inside the graphics window, click once with the rightmouse-button to display the option menu. In the File name editor box, enter TigerHead as the file name. The readout gives you the cursor location, the line length, and the angle of the line measured from horizontal. On your own, repeat the above steps and create another extruded feature on the other side. Note the dimensions are created based on the selected geometry, this is known as the Smart Dimensioning feature in parametric modeling.

Create a circle near the right edge of the bottom surface as shown. Post a Question, Get an Answer Get answers fast from Autodesk support staff and product experts in the forums. Select Delete from the option list as shown.