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Page Trimming Trimming You can cut out a portion of a recorded image and save it as a new image file. You can also filter out just those images for viewing, protecting or erasing p. Page Transferring Images To A Computer For Viewing You can use the included software to transfer images you have shot with the camera to a computer for viewing. These settings will not be reflected in other Shooting modes. Page Tagging Images As Favorites When you tag images as favorites, you can easily categorize just those images.

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Canon G11 User Manual

Exercise adequate caution before erasing an image. If you keep the qr buttons pressed, you can fast-forward through images. Formatting initializing a memory card erases all data on the memory card. Page Accessories If the plug does not fit the outlet, use a commercially available plug adapter. You can display the images in a category in Filtered Playback p.

If the aspect ratio is changed p. However, unnatural sound may result when used to record in locations with no wind. Page If you change the date or time in the time and date will automatically change. The camera will automatically focus on subjects, but it will not detect and focus on faces. Double click Transfer and View Images You can transfer images even without using the image transfer function in the included software by simply connecting your camera to a computer.

Page Components Guide Front Dial p. Page Taking Pictures smart Auto Since the camera can determine the subject and shooting conditions, you can let it automatically select the best settings for the scene and just shoot. Page Indicators Indicators The indicators on the back of the camera p. Be sure to charge the battery as it is not charged at the time of purchase. If there is a problem with the camera while abroad, please return it to the country of sale before proceeding with a warranty claim to a Canon Customer Support Help Desk.

Canon G11 User Manual

If the items below do not solve your problem, contact a Canon Customer Support Help Desk as listed on the included customer support list. For stubborn dirt contact a Canon Customer Support Help Desk as listed on the customer support leaflet supplied with your camera. Page Printing Printing This chapter explains how to choose images for printing, and print using a Canon-brand PictBridge compliant printer sold separately p. If you press the shutter button halfway after roughly focusing manually, lal kitab in hindi pdf you can fine tune the focus. What if a wink is not detected?

You can only swap one color. Waterproofing Seal, O-ring, etc. Page Resizing Images Resizing Images You can resize images to a lower pixel setting and save the resized image as a separate file. If you press the shutter button halfway and return to the shooting screen from the custom display settings screen, the settings will not be saved.

Shooting High Contrast Scenes High Dynamic Range The camera takes three successive shots of differing brightness, then selects and combines the areas with the best brightness into one image. Plug the cord into the coupler. If this happens, try shooting in G mode p.

Switching to Shooting mode Pressing the shutter button halfway while in Playback mode switches the camera to Shooting mode. Since the dates and times recorded into your images are based on these settings, be sure to set them.

Resetting the Electronic Level Resets the electronic level to its default values. Page Formatting Memory Cards Before you use a new memory card or one that has been formatted in other devices, you should format the card with this camera. Also, when the overall image is lacking in contrast, the camera will automatically correct the image for a sharper impression. The last image you took will appear. After locking the focus, the focal distance will not change even when you release your finger from the shutter button.

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The latter part of this chapter explains how to shoot and view movies and transfer images to a computer. For example, when red make-up has been used around eyes. Smiles are easier to detect if the subject faces the camera, and opens their mouth enough to show some teeth when smiling. Some cards may not operate properly depending on the brand of card used. Page Troubleshooting Troubleshooting If you think there is a problem with the camera, first check the following.

Before Starting the Repair Work Be sure to read the following precautions before starting the repair work. Color Swap You can swap one color in an image for another when recording it. You can turn off this function.

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What if the clock appears when the m button is pressed? Page Checking Connection Information The power saving function does not work while transferring images p.

Canon G11 User Manual

What if a smile is not detected? The options differ depending on the Shooting mode and the Playback mode pp. Be sure to check beforehand that the date and time are correctly set p. Same aspect ratio as wide screen high definition televisions.

Page Useful Information Useful Information This chapter introduces how to use separately sold accessories p. Only three shots will be taken, even if you use Q p.