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This was dark in parts like its title but still a compelling read. Dark Dominion by Charlotte Lamb.

Is it urban myth that gals tend to be more attracted to the dark allure of bad, interpretacion biometria hematica completa pdf domineering boyz? Charlotte Lamb - Dark Dominion.

Trivia About Dark Dominion. If you have a favourite Charlotte Lamb novel to share, please tell us why you loved it - along with a brief outline of the plot, if possible. You can also share charlotte lamb pdf or any other file with the community. Caro was an aspiring actress. Heroine needed to grow up and learn her own mind.

Charlotte Lamb

Click it and That's it, you're done amigo! He keeps her in a gilded cage. It also had some underlying problems like no concern about marital vows, cheating being optional, and the hero being quite abusive. The marriage was not a solid one and when Caroline lost her baby the marriage hit bottom. He offered companionship - and was willing to offer much more.

She was a virgin when she married the H. Not a very good book, in other words. This one I'm really bored with and thankful it's over. It seemed to me that Jake had more screen time than James. About the rapyness in this book, I wasn't disturbed by those scenes.

This rant may contain spoilers. After upload, share files instantly via Social networks or via Email with your friends or family. This is an interesting psychological character study with plenty of blame to go around for the shakiness of their marriage.

Known for her swiftness as well as for her skill in writing, Sheila typically wrote a minimum of two thousand words per day, working from a. The plot was ok but i hated the fact that the hero was brutal and even left bruises on the heroine. Otherwise, I guess I shall have to wait to enjoy that marvellous book until I can buy it online somewhere.

Dark Dominion

She became depressed and very lonely and he was not very sympathetic or understanding. She was stringing both men along for way too long. Hero needed to express his feelings using his inside voice. This female empowerment saga has high tension.

Redirected from Sheila Holland. Throw in the other woman and the other man you have much tension and a lot of passion of sorts with the husband hanging around though he gives the impression that he wants the marriage to end.

Jake Redway and Sasha are the main characters. Now, being attracted to someone is one thing. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. She was married to Richard Holland. She was a true revolutionary in the field of romance writing.

Her marriage to the distinguished lawyer, James Fox, had been nearly ideal. She overheard something and misunderstood.

Charlotte Lamb

The novel is written with humour and sensitivity, and a wry understanding of the temptations for married women when things start going wrong at home. For some reason I need that in my books. This is one of my favorite harlequins.

Unfortunately, I can't check that on the net, because although it's available in various places online, none of them describe the plot and I shall not be in a position to buy a copy until next month. Sheila attended the Ursuline Convent for Girls. How could such a love have died? There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

The purpose of reading a book was only to work out the kink in my nerves. While she once finished a full-length novel in four days, she herself pegged her average speed at two weeks to complete a full novel.

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She is one of my favorite authors, and I re-read her books quite often. This oldie has all the ingredients that should hold v. Known for her swiftness, literary style and versatility, Sheila Holland was able to write in several different genres - hence her plethora of pseudonyms as well as publishers. Gotta read the next one though to see what happens with Jake. In her loneliness Caroline turned to her old friend Jake Redway, the successful actor.

Hero is cruel, jealous, but loves his wife who is, I think, not a strong character. Very good read, intense emotional relationship between the main male and female character.

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