Drupal Pdf Generation

Drupal pdf generation

We are also rendering at dpi for print. Copy it from the module and into your theme so we can make some changes. Open Source Web Development.

So, that aside, this is pretty great! Do this by visiting the wkhtmltopdf website and follow the instructions for your setup. The print module comes with its own style sheet print.

Web vs Print

Use new host of print module Printable Module. We have a particular print size we are trying to accomplish. But we do feel that it is our responsibility to give back to the Drupal community at least some part of what it has given us. Do you know if it works on a Drupal instance? Remember it will need to be installed on local and production sites.

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Positioning of the StumbleThis button can be controlled by the weight option in the admin menu. StumbleUpon has been a popular source of traffic for zyxware. By setting a negative value you can have the button displayed on top of the post while a positive value will take it to the bottom of the post. This is because the print module is using our theme but a different tpl file, print. Say for example if you try to access example.

PrintFriendly gives a popup which may not be acceptable by the product owner. As of today we are the official maintainers of this very useful Drupal module. The above configuration of.

Effective PDF Generation in Drupal SitePoint

It's fast, easy, and looks great when printed. After installing you need to create an alias to the wkhtmltopdf executable into your Drupal libraries folder, i.

The rest of this example will assume it is enabled. Drupal already had a DiggThis module available for download but there was no StumbleThis module.

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Why not just print

No coding, hacking or programming required. You'll then notice a link structure for Print. We have added a few new modules to our site recently. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Kevin i am going to research the on-demand approach to see if i can get that to run because not sure we can get a new instance. Normally people use stumbleupon toolbar to stumble websites. Leave a reply Your email address will not be published.

Drupal pdf generation

Getting this right is a combination of configuration and user training. Even though the page does not exist you get what you wanted to get to.

If you are installing under Ubuntu, I ran into some issues with the official archive, I recommend installing manually from the links above. Beyond that I think it would take a custom module. Two of these are the StumbleThis module and the DiggThis module. The article is relevant only to those webservers running Apache. There are two ways in which you can issue a redirect using.

However, wkhtmltopdf worked for me straight away with no tweaking or sifting through documentation. If we want a level of control over what is printed or we want to distribute files for printing, then we need to look into other options. To check on various other module configurations in Drupal click here.

So we created our own StumbleUpon module. This is because I am using custom fonts and documentation mentions that with changes I can get this working. Use PrintFriendly Module it supports localization very good.

StumbleThis Drupal module to bookmark in Stumbleupon. The correct configuration would be where the above two urls will lead you to the same page but example. Please let us know if we can provide any further assistance. Use new host of print module Printable Module This is the new home of the print module.

When you install Drupal, it will automatically insert statements in the. The port has already been done and we should have a release up on drupal. Click here to download the StumbleThis module for Drupal. This is the new home of the print module. Fast, easy, tuesdays with morrie free pdf and professional.

This caused me to settle on the print module, which is also better supported and offers many other options for output that may prove useful. Printer Friendly pages without coding, css, or print. It is very easy to configure redirects using Apache. Then you should be able to troubleshoot from there. Add the button now, and your users will see the difference.

Drupal pdf generation

This makes the most sense to me and feels like the tidiest option. This can easily be rectified by the following small change in the Rewrite Rule For the first option you can use the following rewrite rule RewriteRule. Email Required, but never shown.