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Her kindness penetrates his cold soul, melting away layers of coldness. The abuse physical and emotional was jaw dropping and horrifying. Graelem was a kind, considerate man then his switch flipped and he turned into a raging jerk. Later, she's as slick as a slip and slide, always ready for her man whether she's happy about it or not.

Fire Song (Medieval Song 2) by Catherine Coulter

Bodice rippers usually start with the hero being an a-hole and progress from there to eventual redemption. He refuses to believe her on almost everything and sleeps with a servant who tried to kill his wife.

One argument, one battle, one wit at a time. What a horrible, obnoxious, revolting hero in this story! Graelam returns home to England and, at last, prepares to take a wife. Coulter plot is woven well but her hero was far to much of an ass and lacked any redeemable qualities.

Despite her fragile and soft appearance, Kassia has a quiet strength and a fighting spirit that rival a warrior princess. God i hated this book, there are no words to describe how much i detested this. He can't stand to trust women - but then constantly trusts all of these other women's word over his wife's. Gra Kassia de Lorris is heiress to the magnificent keep of Bellaterre, but she may not live long enough to inherit. And he refuses to trust her for really no good reason.

Apparently because the heroine Kassia took some velvet ou Hmm. Kassia is a breath of fresh air, and I enjoyed her optimism despite every single set back she encountered.

He is many things, not an easy man, exerting his power with cruelty and expressing harshness but he does with Kassia's unyielding belief in the goodness of his nature. Despite her, I can't say that I hated this book. The heroine will not be a goody gooder and keep his bastard. Later of course he cheats for sport.

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How does a cheater and rapist become a hero of a romance, i have no idea. Graelam is handsome and strong. He isn't perfect, he still isn't perfect but with his wife's support and unconditional love he is able to receive and give love.

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Bowman eagerly awaits his calling to join the Singer people, but when Kestrel is taken by bandits, he must use his powers to find her. It was enjoyable, and the twists and turns had me believing that they would never be together. Open Preview See a Problem?

In a medieval setting, her typical asshole and cruel heros don't seem so outrageous and out of place. Two books in this series were more then enough.

Also, I understand Graelem was tall, dark, and handsome but did the story need not one but three jealous whores trying to steal him from the sweet innocent heroine? Kassia is all perfect and forgiving with occational shows of girlish pride.

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One of my favorite cheater-wallbangers. Her repeated recommendations eventually wore me down and I borrowed the book. Am I just supposed to forget that when trying to force Chandra to marry him he rapped Mary? Knows how to take care of a household.

Only one will sing the firesong. While this story seems to flow slightly better than Warrior's Song, I hated Graelam so much. The H is introduced in Warrior's Song, writing academic english fourth edition answer key pdf the first book of the series. Labyrinth Catherine Coulter.

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If you want a tender romance, skip it too. Still has some chees I don't read very many romance novels. But haunted and hiding something. Her hero may be a a moron asshat, but he acts like he should for the time frame and for his position as a warrior and lord.

Graelem is More Catherine Coulter re-read for me. This is one of the first historical romance novels that I've read about a decade ago and was also my first Catherine Coulter one. If you generally find Coulter's stories repulsive, you will likely find this one repulsive as well.

By Catherine Coulter

He really doesn't deserve any sort of happiness. It never occurs to this kind beautiful girl to cheat on Graelem.

Still has some cheesy romance-novel-esque parts, but I found it thoroughly entertaining. Graelam thought Kassia was deceased. Together they fight, until their destinies tear them apart. Apparently because the heroine Kassia took some velvet out of his trunk without asking? Yeah, I left my destined mate.

When they met and were married she was dying. The heroine actually catches the hero with a maid who ends up pregnant.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. If you want a historical fiction with a relationship as the backbone, and like me, can put some distance between fiction and reality, you might enjoy this book as much as I did. Graelam is far from a hero. But my friend willingly admits that they are her guilty pleasure, so when she recommended this book to me, I basically turned her down.

Other books in the series. He even didn't see Not the worst book in the world. Or congratulating Jack the Ripper on a successful hunting trip. So bad i actually wrote to the author about it.

The husband cheats on his wife numerous times. Although, based in naivety, she sees many instances of kindness that only reinforces it.