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My first term has been enjoyable and an eye opening one for sure. Ashkur Rabbi that he has put me in a position where I can encourage others to follow this Sunnah. Then ask them what will happen if I opened it right away?

This term I started off being stingy with praise but half way through realised everybody needs encouragement and that has made all the difference. This adjustment has also impacted the way I approach most things now. It was a good way of helping the girls review the verb list I handed out to them. Students love working together and helping each other. Each student had to get a small gift for another student in the class.

Being on such a strict diet has left me pretty tired, grouchy, emotional yet elated and hopeful. Click here to download the worksheet I hope you find this worksheet useful inshaAllah.

But what will happen if I simply let it sit for a minute or two and then opened it?

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For those who know me personally, I love giving gifts and will happily spend all my money on getting just the perfect gift. Then, I cut each apples in half. Follow Arabic Adventures on WordPress. Bismillah, Up for a challenge?

Laminate the sheets and store in a sealed bag and re-use as needed. Bismillah, I usually dedicate the month of December to reflecting over the year that is leaving and planning for the coming one in whatever capacity I can.

QURAN 30 JUZ (PDF) pdfWant to learnQURAN 30 JUZ (PDF)

Handmade gift made out of loom bands. It is important after such activities to ask the girls what they have learnt from this and to explain it in their own words. Alhamdolillah, most of them understood what I was trying to get them to do.

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This would be an example of informal testing. They were very creative Mashallah. Please share this site and the facebook page with all those whom you think would find it beneficial. Do make sure to like and follow!

The girls are so creative and incredibly funny mashallah. Hope you find this pdf useful iA. Pair up students who are different abilities to allow them to teach each other and learn not only the material but soft skills too e.

Getting the girls to do a live talk show in pairs in front of their peers about the Tafsir of two of the Surahs they had learnt. Here is one of the worksheet I handed out to the class. To help them see the different parts that make up present tense for each subject pronoun. So the girls in pairs brainstormed what steps might be involved in seeking forgiveness. If the lesson objective is to review Surah keywords then I need to build all activities geared towards achieving this goal.

Arabic adventures is on Facebook and Pinterest. And of course Arabic Adventures comes into it. As for where Arabic Adventures, energietechnische formeln pdf my blog is heading.

It is important to teach the concept that Muslims should be eloquently and courageously stand up for their beliefs but also stand up for other faith members who may be facing such a situation. The benefits will show up as better class cohesion and healthy competition. Here is a jigsaw type activity that I have put together to help the girls review Arabic present tense conjugation parts. Mashallah, the girls got on very well. Bismillah, Here is a jigsaw type activity that I have put together to help the girls review Arabic present tense conjugation parts.


Of course, it will go everywhere. Here are some example of what the girls came up with. An ayah from Surah al-Bayyinah.