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Ponniyin Selvan - Part 5 by Kalki

Kalki is one of the best writer. By the wit and spell of his words, Kalki binds you as you move page after page, css color codes list pdf book after book. It was first published as a series in the Kalki Tamil magazine during the s and was later integrated into a novel.

The fact that the first two books were available on Kindle Unlimited pushed me towards it - and Pavitra Srinivasan's translation, a few pages in, ignited my interest immensely. The characters are so well justified and every character is unique. Kalki has written the book in a simple and elegant manner.

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To my surprise, I completed the book over a weekend. Makes you want to go back by centuries and live in the Chola era. To me, Nandhini remains the most complex character I've tried to decode and fail hopelessly at. The translation by Karthik Narayanan is what I picked up bound by the inadequacies of my Tamil reading skills and nevertheless, it is by far the most engrossing historical novel I have read. The way they the author described the characters and the way story moves rapidly into our heart Wow no words describe that feel.

Recommend to anyone if th Excellent book every tamil speaking person should read. The s One of the best books in Tamil literature.

Mentions about the valour of our great Tamil kings, the many famous battles they have fought and the advanced Tamil society induces a sense of pride. It is our onus to appreciate and spread its greatness. One very satisfying series read! But the Audio books skips in few tracks.

Ponniyin Selvan is clearly a Masterpiece. But this one s This has been my first novel ponniyin selvan series towards Indian Literature more precisely the tamil literature. The titular Ponniyin Selvan Arulmozhi Varman gets to play a big part in this volume. If you read this review to this line, thank you very much. When I am about to buy this book, I had hesitation, Can I go ahead and buy because of the obvious fear, will I read or more pages of this book?


The plot has numerous twists and turns that I couldn't put the book down! The story of ancient Tamil kings and the politics that they have played to reach the throne is the crux. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Only upon finishing the first two did I realize that Pavitra was still working on the third volume.

Who became the king after Sundara Chola and what made RajaRaja one of the greatest king, is the end of the story. Only later after reading other translations did I realize how wonderfully she has preserved what I perceive as the original tone of Kalki's work. The story starts with the King Sundara Cholan being Ill and bed-ridden. Nandhini, a lady of beauty and brains, who thinks like a grandmaster moving her chess coins, is the best antagonist you can ask for.

Beautifully woven characters with very interesting narration. Each character that you witness playing by their greed be it the Pazhuvettarayar brothers, Sambuvarayar, Parthipendhiran, Madhuranthagar does justice to their objectives.


Seems to be so many chapters in last part is uncompleted. Of the five books, I loved the second and the fifth volume a lot. Now I am planning to visit all the places that are mentioned in this novel. One thing I've learnt from reading this book is that everyone has a point of view and that we should not be judgemental about anyone. Ad Rocks Socks The hardcover ones seem to be out of print, unfortunately.

Through its story, the reader is introduced to the proud heritage of Chola dynasty and the great deeds done by Chola kings during their golden era. The ultimate journey of history - that's how this book should be termed.

All the characters, used in the plot, are magnificently deployed. One of the best series i have ever read. The hero is not always right, he does not always win, he is beset with self doubt and the brave warrior he is, he quavers at times when faced with insurmountable odds. The characters on the other end of the A spectacular novel on medieval cholas. The story happens during medieval Chola period, under the rule of Sundara Cholan.

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It is a perfect mix of politics, romance, and history, which travels with an uncertainty of who is going to ascend the throne after Sundara Cholan. That, ladies and gentlemen, is a witness to the standard of excellence that Kalki is. And then there came a part where the author justifies atleast from her point of view her actions.

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It should be treasured and passed on to generations. Lot of information about the activities of various kings came from inscriptions like these as well as copper plates like the Anbil one. Vandhiya Thevan and Kundavai are instant fan favourites. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase.


Extraordinary articulation of ancient times but at the same time using words that you can understand from current age. Hence it is a marvel the amount of yarn built around this event. Suspense is maintained throughout the novel and when you think you have understood his storyline, the characters themselves reveal that they are not who you think they are.

The part of history that the novel is based on, is mentioned in the afterword by Ka A grand end to a modern epic. Please provide Audio book link for Ponniyin selven.

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