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If such variations are permitted by the project owner, the duration and extent of overpressure that the piping is subjected to, shall be logged. All pipework shall be free from all foreign materials e. Whenever possible, pad should be made in one piece before fitting onto pipe. No winterization is required for water lines sea water, fresh water, produced water and completion fluid where continuous flow is assured or the system is self draining when shutdown.

Pipe (Fluid Conveyance)

After welding and testing the hole shall be permanently plugged, e. The flange connections shall be marked on a suitable document, e. The connection points shall be located such that all parts of the system are properly flushed.

With increased flow velocity the corrosion rate tend to increase due to increased shear forces and increased mass transfer. This should also be considered in selection of fittings and instruments in these lines to avoid shearing of oil droplets. The line shall be properly drained as soon as possible after testing. Logging is not considered required when it is evident that overpressure will not occur more frequently than allowed by the piping code.

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Orifice Definition, Description, Equation, Application. Where possible, hub and clamp couplings shall be protected by fitting and hand tightening the complete coupling assembly. The number and length of multiphase lines should be kept to a minimum where possible. Overflow from atmospheric tanks shall as a minimum be equal to the largest inlet pipe.

The insulation and heat tracing requirements shall be determined with due consideration to safety aspects as well as to process aspects and with t he objective to minimise life cycle cost. For austenitic steelwork flushing can be performed after pressure testing, upon agreement. Nuts and bolts shall have their grade marks visible after installation. If solid particles exist, special attention shall be given to particle erosion. Annex B informative Requirements for internal treatment of piping after prefabrication and installation before commissioning.

Heat tracing shall be applied to prevent unacceptable increase in liquid viscosities. If possible, gaskets shall be marked to be visible after installation. During installation or removal of the physical separation it shall be possible to bleed down the trapped pressure by a valve. In some cases a minimum velocity is required.

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This list shall be a part of the test procedure. However, limitations regarding application of such systems are maintained. Specific criteria for selection of isolation level shall be provided by project owner. Ends of pipes and nozzles shall be fully protected against the ingress of foreign material by the use of caps, plugs or plate blinds sealed with gaskets.


Pipe-tap connections, where required, shall be drilled through the pipe wall and be smooth inside. After depressurisation, all vents and low point drain valves shall be opened and the system shall be thoroughly drained where the test medium is water. The oil viscosity shall be lower than or equal to the viscosity of the oil used in operation.

The leak test shall be performed according to accepted procedures and the test results shall be documented. Piping shall not be forced to fit with support locations in such a manner that additional stress is introduced.

The pigmentation shall secure colour retention when exposed to sunshine, oil, grease, steam wash etc. Pressure and temperature gauges and recorders shall be calibrated in accordance with recognized calibration standards.

Norsok C ArchitecturalFull description. For level instruments, physical separation may be combined and shall then be located on the common closed drain connection. Remember me Forgot password? Generally, for fixed installations, conny mendez 4 en 1 pdf a minimum downward slope of shall be used. The systems to be cleaned shall have high and low point vents and drains installed.

All ball valves shall be pad- locked in open position. Systems with drying requirement as defined in Table B. Ball valves shall be fully open. Longer words can be abbreviated using standard approved abbreviations.

Bending tests shall be documented. Pipework shall be fitted in place without springing or forcing to avoid undue stressing of the line or strain being placed on a vessel or item of equipment, etc. Spool pieces shall be used when necessary for maintenance purposes. All flanged stud bolts shall be progressively controlled to equalise bolt pressure on the gasket.

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Norsok L-004 Piping Fabrication 2010.pdf

Standardisation Norsk Standard Committees Hvordan lages standarder? In general, when combining hazardous sources in a common vent system, backflow to open tanks shall be prevented.

The adhesive shall be free from chlorides. Drying can be terminated when the dew point at the outlet is equal to the dew point at the inlet. Valve internals shall be installed when all pipeline and riser activities are completed. The adhesive used shall secure the tape firmly to pure metal surface or to surfaces coated or insulated in accordance with project specifications.

All tools shall be restricted to the relevant material group to avoid rust contamination and shall be marked to avoid mixing of tools for different materials. All flushing shall be performed according to a documented procedure. However, when the wear plate or a trunnion covers a circumferential weld that has not been pressure tested, a vent hole is required for leak detection. Material shall be suitable for a marine atmosphere and for application in sheltered or exposed positions. The valve internals shall not be installed until the flushing and pressure testing activities are completed.

Vent holes in wear plates and trunnions is not required. The tag shall be manufactured to cover both right and left flow directions, with right direction on one side and left direction on the opposite side to give full flexibility to installation.

Pipe (Fluid Conveyance)

The oil used for flushing shall be identical to the oil used in operation. The tags shall be fastened close to the valve, not onto the valve.

Pressure gauges and recorders used to indicate and record test pressure shall be dead weight tested for accuracy according to a procedure, dependent of type of equipment. There shall be possibilities for testing the isolation point integrity by bleeding off the pressure and monitoring the pressure at the point to be isolated, see Figure A. Flanged ball valves may be installed when flushing is completed and prior to pressure testing, provided the fabrication contractor has verified acceptable cleanness of the system.

One layer where the colours and the text are printed, and one transparency layer to protect colours and text. After flushing shall the piping systems be completely drained and protected against corrosion. Blow down valve shall have isolation towards downstream flare system to allow maintenance and functional testing of blow down valve i.