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Instead, the studio has opted for bold white-out-of-black typography that details the focus and offerings of the studio. Illustrator and artist Merijn Hoss creates beautifully detailed psychedelic works of art, but has taken an altogether more pared back and traditional approach to displaying his work online. When considering a logo to represent myself I wanted something that showed fluidity. The simple sidebar navigation allows clients to quickly jump between examples of his work.

Build your professional portfolio website in minutes. Once clicked, the thumbnails reveal a full screen gallery presentation of the work featured on complimentary coloured backgrounds that show off the work to great effect. Your online portfolio will speak for itself. Each of the galleries underneath is distinctly different from the rest.

She makes use of a full screen edge-to-edge tapestry of thumbnails to entice visitors into viewing the work in further detail. Using the Spruce theme they showcase their work in a clean grid that utilizes their dominant colors as borders of their portfolio images, a feature which is built into the Spruce theme.

Mister has opted for a bold approach by choosing not to feature any work on the landing page of its website. These two process bitmap typefaces highlight the evolution of Laika and it's emphasis on delicate lines and tiny details. Start your free day trial today, no credit card required.

This packaging project is a conceptual one, otra vez el diablo pdf based on the notion of typefaces being a product bought in stores rather than online. This minimalist approach to wine packaging is meant to purely emphasize the beautiful details of the pastel medium. Watch your inbox for the latest articles and features.

Great typography and animation combine to grab your attention, and a strong eye for aesthetics means that you'll stick around to explore all Buzzworthy's projects. When flipped over, the light is mounted on the case and can be switched on to create a typographic light box. It consists of one simple landing page with three icons linking to her email, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Kelvin highlights all of his projects with a dedicated gallery. And there are plenty of free online tools, such as Behance, to help you build a portfolio without any coding knowledge.

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The website of digital branding agency Pollen is a slick and engaging presentation. Large quotes from the studio are peppered throughout the landing page, effectively editorialising the presentation of the studio's work and adding an extra level of engagement.

Type Tuesday Truck Gallery

Proof, if it were needed, that when your work is this good, less certainly is more. Once clicked on, these images reveal a more conventional full window carousel of the images. This sound problem experiment shows my visual representation of sound.

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Colourful thumbnails pop out of a clean gallery-like white background that once clicked on reveal large project images and a short description. This typeface is dedicated to Laika. And the current trend for seizure-inducing quick-frame animated portfolio websites can also arguably be attributed to it. This is a truly modern approach from a very established and respected industry veteran, who uses social media to great effect to get her work and the process behind it out there.

Sound Problem This sound problem experiment shows my visual representation of sound. All of this could threaten to overwhelm the actual work on show, but seeing as it's been executed with such visual humour and panache, it's a joy to navigate. Visitors to the site can see everything at once, or explore larger versions to see the details. It embodies both the structure and the delicate nature of constellation mapping. The clean organization makes this an easy portfolio to explore.

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This approach is hard thing to achieve, but when done well it really heightens the work on display, as well as the person who created it. Her sidebar menu allows for easy navigation of her work, while the horizontal scroll lets images fill up the whole page. It utilises a number of contemporary techniques, from full-screen video to parallax scrolling and beautifully presented thumbnails that react when rolled over. Laika is a display typeface inspired by my admiration of the beauty in the start, astronomy, and constellations. According to a recent survey, the majority of executives consider your portfolio to be the most important factor during the hiring process.

She houses her work in a straightforward manner with a left-hand typographic nav accompanied by a mix of static and animated gif thumbnails of which compliment the quirky nature of her work. With just an animated video cycling through samples of the studio's work at an ultra-fast pace, with its contact details on display, Made Thought has opted for a brave solution. The case sits on top of an over-turned light. Sound is natural, it ebs and flows, growing and fading. This project was driven by nostalgia and emotion.

Type Tuesday Truck Gallery

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Hipol currently works at ad agency McCann New York.

The single scroll feels like flipping through a magazine. In the process of creating Laika, I created several bitmap typefaces in order to practice with a structure and see what could emerge from it.

The less is more approach allows them to beautifully showcase some of the best projects without overloading their potential clients with too much. The projects are presented in an almost magazine-like fashion. To stand out in this tough market, it's important to make your creative resume as impressive as you can. Tom's portfolio acts as a piece of work in its own right, amply demonstrating his art direction talent.

Using the Sun theme Gabbana showcases their work in beautiful landscape galleries. Buzzworthy describes itself as a badass digital studio in Brooklyn, and its site is one hell of a calling card, showcasing dazzling web techniques from the off. Under the Radar is an indie music blog for which I chose to create a subscription based magazine. Our Ultimate Portfolio Inspiration List.

Find even more online portfolio inspiration here. Although this is quite an extreme example, many creatives are now using social media as their primary vehicle for not only promoting but also showcasing their work. His simple graphic logo stands out against an off-white background which adds some texture to the website. It's not just the examples of your work that need to blow away your potential clients, although they do help. Cover art inspired by Picasso's abstractions with dice.