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It also gives your mouth a lot more definition than lipstick alone. Start by evening out the complexion by correcting any blemishes, dark circles, etc.

You will be taller, which can help as well as some possibly already developed features. Line the eyes with a thin, firm line above the upper lashes, and with a thinner line below the lower ones.

How to Apply Stage Makeup 6 Steps

Line your lips with a red or rosy color. Use an eyeshadow brush to apply the palest color just beneath your eyebrows.

Clean and moisturized skin provides a smooth base for your makeup and helps it last longer during a performance. Apply blush from the middle of your cheeks just outside the center of your eyes to your ears with a fluffy brush.

Use brown or black waterproof eyeliner on the upper lash line. Apply a light eyeshadow color on your lids and under your brows. You could double or triple that distance and still be able to read my emotions. If you have a medium to dark skin tone, for stage makeup it would be best to stick to highlighters with a golden undertone.

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Powder your entire face thoroughly. Apply waterproof mascara to your upper and lower lashes.

As long as you use a highlighter slightly lighter than your skin tone, you should absolutely stunning. Depending on the performance, you may be asked to use a brighter color in the crease. Open up the eyes with liner, and emphasize the apples of the cheeks, not the hollows. This is because it must be able to be clearly seen all the up in the nosebleed seats, under crazy bright lights that wash out everything but the brightest of pigments.

The people in the front will see you very clearly, so you want to look natural to them. You can also highlight around the lips and eyes to really make them pop. Pencil and liquid liners both work, as long as they're waterproof.

For larger venues, go with a slightly darker foundation, and more exaggerated lines. Add contour, character, and definition to your face using a darker cream. Wash your face thoroughly, then pat your skin dry with a soft towel. Yes, it's oily and thick-feeling. Wash your face thoroughly, taking extra care to exfoliate.

Emphasize your cheekbones with blush. Highlight the brow bone just beneath the eyebrow with a white or light-colored reflective eyeshadow. If you do this properly, when the eye is open wide, this line merges with the line of your lashes, simply adding a subtle lift and openness to the eye. You can also contour the sides of your nose.

How to Apply Basic Makeup for the Stage

Emphasize the eye sockets with more shadow, as needed, as well. Does it need to be waterproof because people cry at the last shows and in Spirit Circles? Your makeup should have an exaggerated look to combat the bright stage lighting.

Reduce plumpness and strengthen your jawline by adding color in a direct, subtle line of shadow from chin to the bottom edge of each side of your jaw. The answer will depend on how old you already look. Apply your foundation in a color that both matches and evens out your skin tone. Apply just enough to even out your skin tone. Lip color requirements usually vary, depending on your role.

For reddish complexions, choose a foundation with a slight golden or yellow undertone. In dress rehearsals, get feedback on your makeup from house level, to see how it plays, and tweak as needed for more or less boldness in your application.

Step back from the mirror and look at yourself. Follow with a toner, and moisturize afterward to create a clean, smooth base for your makeup. Line the mouth with a firm, dark line that enhances the natural shape of your mouth.

Step 2 Highlight & Contour

Use a fluffy kabuki brush for this, which will give you an even dusting. Start at the inner corner and draw a firm, thin line along your upper lash line to the outer edge of your eye.

How to Apply Stage Makeup 6 Steps

Make sure to blend evenly into the hairline, at temples, and slightly below the jawline. Powder will seal and protect your hard work! You could either use a grey wig or dye it. Widen and deepen the line from the center of the eye as it sweeps outward on each side. For men, go with a shade or two lighter than that.

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Use real stage makeup, real greasepaint. For blush, apply a heavy streak of red, fuchsia, or orange any other colors will be washed out in the lights from the apples of the cheeks sweeping up to the temples.

To highlight and contour your face, I recommend using either white cream makeup or a very light concealer for the highlight and a dark brown cream for your skin no matter what your skintone. Lip liner helps your lipstick stay in place and can prevent it from bleeding outside the lip line.

How to Apply Stage Makeup

Yes, if you are wearing stage makeup, it generally should be waterproof, especially if you're acting in a sad play. While larger groups or organizations will include a stage makeup artist, if you're performing for a smaller group or venue, it's not unusual for you to be expected to do your own makeup. Stage makeup is kind of the opposite of beauty makeup in that the object is to create harsh lines and contours and overdrawn shapes, band scores pdf as opposed to keeping everything soft and blended.

Fill in your lips with a matching lipstick. Fill in any patchy areas so that your eyebrows appear firm and full. Set your makeup with a dusting of translucent powder. Line the inner rims of your eyes with a matte white pencil. Use makeup with a warm, yellowish undertone, since stage lights tend to be cool in tone.

Step 2 Highlight & Contour

How to Apply Stage Makeup