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The automatically returns to no. The parameters are unlocked and will locked until the next restart. Al sexto intento, el fallo ya no se puede rearmar si sigue estando presente.

Permite ajustar la corriente de calentamiento previo. Used to start and decelerate two different e after the other or one motor with two different configurations using a single starter. El par de arranque inicial se debe ajustar a fin de producir el giro del motor tan pronto como se aplique la orden al motor. Forces the configuration of a l type stop, but does not control the stop. The products and equipment described in this document may be changed or modified at anytime, either from a technical point of view or in the way they are operated.

Faults - causes - remediesAs a general rule, if a problem arises when the starter is started, it is advisable to return to the factorysettings and repeat your settings step by step. Se activa mediante solicitud de parada y por un fallo. The thermal fault can be After the motor has stopcontrol circuit is not powerise is too high.

El protocolo interno utilizado es Modbus. Oscillations areexcessive slip. The display can be incremented using the key.

It has motThe settings can be In all cases the In plate. Does your application require particular settings? The motor itself may be stopped by a mechanical blockage. When the starter is running, it is different parameter to be displayed. Las funciones que no son listadas en esta tabla no tienen ninguna incompatibilidad.

Repuestos y reparaciones Consulte los servicios de Schneider Electric. Parameter ll be locked again on the next power-up. Check the sizing of the starter in relation to the motor and the mechanical requirement. The starter applies a motor torque in order to decelerate ly on the ramp, avoiding a rapid stop.

Check the sizing of the starter-motor in relation to the mechanical requirement. Es posible arrancar y parar cualquier motor en cualquier orden. It is deactivated in the event of a stop request or a fault.

The internal protocol used is Modbus. By Oscar Fernando Soto Rincon. In the event of a prolongless than the trip value. For stop type -b-, used to adjust the braking intensity.

Motor thermal protectionThe starter continuously calculates the temperature rise of the motor based on the controlled nominal currentIn and the actual current absorbed. When the control part is switched off the hour counter is saved. The functionsthat are not listed in the table are not incompatible with any other functions.

Used to the starter in the event of an emergency smoke extraction system for example. Check that the configuration of the FrC parameter is compatible with the line used generating set for example. Preliminary recommendationsHandling and storageTo ensure the starter is protected before installation, handle and store the device in its packaging. Wait for the motor to cool before restarting. See al case when the automatic restart function is activated and Faults - causes -.

Si el fallo persiste, contacte con los servicios de Schneider Electric. Do not install the unit close to, especially above, heating elements. En caso de emplearse un motor especial a prueba de explosiones, sumergido, etc.

Can be used to start and decelerate several motors one after the other with a single starter see application diagram. The starter conversion itself to control the current in the windings. We use Cookies to give you best experience on our website. Este ciclo se caracteriza por un factor de marcha.

FrF Frecuencia de red sin tolerancia. Leave sufficient free space to ensure that the air required for cooling purposes can circulate from the bottomto the top of the unit. Alarma de subcarga del motor. Check the configuration loaded previously.

If a serial link is used, changes from line mode control via serial cal mode control via terminals. It is the responsibility of the final integrator to guarantee conformity tothe relevant standards. El arrancador incluye dispositivos de seguridad que pueden, en caso de que se produzcan fallos, controlar la parada del arrancador y la parada del motor. Use a true value current reading ammeter to set the current level. The mes to a freewheel stop and the starter displays EtF.

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If the fault persists, contact Schneider Electric product support. It can be used to set the preheating current. Remember me on this computer. Espere a que se apague por completo el visualizador.

Altistart 48 User - PDF Document


Used to prevent the motor from freezing or to prevent temperature deviations y cause condensation. Forzado de parada en rueda libre! In this case motor thermal protection is disabled and relay be configured as an isolating relay. The starterremains powered up. Check the line, the connection to the starter and any isolating devices located between the line and the starter contactor, fuses, circuit-breaker, etc.

ATS48 User manual

Customer identification no. Check the electrical isolation of the motor.

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Altistart 48 User Manual Electric Telemecanique

You're using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer. The total stop of the motor is configured by adjusting the injection time of the pseudo-continuous current in the motor on two phases. Current In must not remain atust be set to the value indicated on the motor rating plate. This current heats the motor ausing it to rotate. Their description canin no way be considered contractual.

Para ello, es preciso cortocircuitar el Altistart al final del arranque. The Altistart thermal control prevents the motor from restarting if the temperature flameproof, submersible, etc. The nominal current and limiting current settings as well as the current displayed during operation are on-linevalues and so do not have to be calculated by the user. Enables the starter to detect an external user fault level, pressure, dr seuss stories pdf etc.

Este tipo de parada permite reducir eficazmente los golpes de arriete en una bomba. This feature allows more mounting. By William Morales Falcon. Ensure that the mounting recommendations are observed. It is also deactivated when a fault he motor switches to freewheel mode at this point.