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Westchester, New York United States. Massie Block is supposed to be fabulous, perfect, pretty and everyone wants to be her. And if she doesn't choose fast, she'll end up C Committeeless. Is being a Hollywood starlet worth the Gucci-high price tag? Of course Claire wants to be a part of this exclusive clique but all Massie does is bring her down.

The fame, the money, and the friends. But when her newfound Claire-voyance tells her Cam's hiding a huh-yuge secret from her, his gifts of gummies leave a stale taste in her mouth. How will she ever get her girls suitable dates and melt Chris's heart?

When Massie gets to choose either stay in Westchester or go to England, Massie chooses England because it's her destiny. But, as everyone knows, Massie and her crew will never be at the bottom for long. The book really shows how mean girls can be when they do the simplest things.

It centers around a group of vapid, cruel girls, and how our main character really wants to be a part of their clique. Massie's mom told Claire that Massie was inviting her to her sleepover.

After seeing the entire Pretty Committee dumped at Skye's party, Massie Block decides she and her friends need to give up on boys. Will gaining six pounds make her regret trusting her sixth sense? AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally.

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The Clique Series

Or will Massie toss her out faster than last season's Sevens jeans? Mine was that this book was incredibly shallow. But will she be able to stay in Massie's inner circle? Massie knows you'd give anything to be just like her. After a lot of begging from Claire, Massie decides to tell her friends the truth.

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These books are an awful influence. Reading the books as an eighth grader, I found them relatable but not interesting. At the end of the novel, Massie questions her possible friendship with Claire.

It portrays the true behavior of some teenage girls, who just have to get everything they want and everything they need. This article needs additional citations for verification. Shelve Best Friends for Never.

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So don't judge people the way they look just judge them the way they act. Apart from the Lyons, no one knows, not even the Pretty Committee. Then Massie finds out that her father has got a new job, which would make the Block family rich again. Overall this makes me wonder what's wrong with the world today? Users Who added to favorites.

The Clique Series by Lisi HarrisonThe Clique SeriesThe Clique (series)

The Clique Series by Lisi Harrison

Massie Block - pretty, enviable and charming as ever, has to keep the huge secret that her used-to-be-rich family is now broke. Claire, not knowing what to do, layed out by the pool and Massie had her friends play mean tricks on her!

However, I'm not writing this review out of bitterness. The difference be Why do the main characters have to be so unlikable? They try to get Claire to do the same, but she is fully satisfied with Cam.

Is The Clique movie based on this book? Meanwhile, Massie and the Clique are fighting over who gets to invite Derek Herrington. The author really knows how to surprise us This clique consists of four rich girls by the names of, Massie, Dylan, Kristen, hukum kedokteran pdf and Alicia.

The reason I say this is because it is also on my top one-hundred list and it is everything a book needs to capture a girl's attenison. Massie most popular person had no real friends because she was so snarky. Massey is having a party Massey is struggling with the party Massey is having a hard time but then Clair helps her.

Would love to take Massie's throne one day. Whatever the case was, I continued to read these books and stuck post-it notes in pages where Massie Block said something cool or witty. But she finds out and Claire catches her about to kiss Cam. The Clique Set by Lisi Harrison. You question your own morals.

Acting like a bitch gets you somewhere in life? Who's got a perfect life, with all these beautiful friends, all these admireres and then has just a fantabulous wardrobe. Whoever finds the key gets access to the secret room for an entire year and the prestige that comes along with it. Massie is told it's because they used to be great friends and the Lyons need a place to stay while they look for a new house. They are white and from the gap.