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Teaching The Giver

Give specific examples from the story. Feeling unique and cherished on your special day is half the fun, right? In this activity, you will analyze our birthday rituals and compare them to the Ceremony that takes place in the Community.

Lois Lowry Links to lesson plans for other works by Lowry. Online Tutoring Loading Page. How does the Giver treat Jonas? By doing this, they will try to get to the heart of the differing values that drive both societies. What expectations would the students be handed as they received each gift?

Teaching The Giver

What do you think happened next? For each of these four attributes, students are to explain what it is, and why it is important for the Receiver. Teaching The Giver We'll give it to you straight.

Vocabulary from The Giver Words are presented in context and with definitions. The Giver A message from the author, booktalk, pre-reading activity, thematic connections, interdisciplinary projects, vocabulary, and related titles. They can be used in many ways, but may be most effective when first done in writing and then discussed as a class. You are expected to write clearly, include a thesis, use examples or details from the book as appropriate, and explain your ideas fully. Notes I start by asking student to make a list of topics from The Giver.

Then take a few minutes to talk about the birthday rituals of our society and what they reflect about our values. Instructions These questions are intended to compel students to engage with The Giver in a meaningful way. It's an occasion to receive presents and eat too much cake and strut around like a star.

Blindly following orders is the fast track to dystopia, people. Start the lesson by discussing what characterization is and how it is achieved.

Get students to call them out, and make a master list on the board for them to copy into their notes. Why do you think Lois Lowry chose to end The Giver this way?

This lesson plan is a great way to really draw students into The Giver as they think about the importance of their own experiences and memories. Includes essential questions, plot diagram, character maps, exploration of dystopiansocieties, key themes, motifs and symbols, vocabulary, and more. Theme can be a challenging concept for students. Want more help teaching Teaching The Giver?

Finally, they should create a symbol to represent each attribute. This is a great lesson plan for The Giver. It also provides some biographical information about Lois Lowry and includes a video interview with her. Download our free learning tools apps and test prep books. After a few minutes, I get them to share their lists, and I write several topics on the board freedom, individuality, memory, repression, etc.

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Once we have a good list to work with, we go through each topic and discuss what the novel says about it. What does this say about the community?

What expectations would the students be handed as they receive each gift? The Ceremony should reflect the values that the group cherishes and wants to pass on.

Reading quizzes for every chapter, act, or part of the text. This is the first time that Jonas can ask any questions he wants.

The Giver Lesson Plans Lesson Plans and Ideas for Teaching The Giver

What do the following details from chapter one tell you about the community Jonas lives in? Strict rules govern all aspects of human behavior, all in an attempt to minimize the possibility of conflict. Shmoop is a labor of love from folks who love to teach. They often confuse it with topics or morals.

It includes everything you need to teach the entire novel, so you can take a break from prep work. Students will analyze our birthday rituals and compare them to the Ceremony that takes place in the Community. In this guide you will find an activity exploring how memories are transmitted, created, and preserved. They can then start writing their descriptions and collecting their photos and other elements at home.

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In contrast, what do the birthday rituals of our society reflect about our values? Directions You are to write an essay about The Giver.

And if you want to have your entire unit for The Giver planned and ready to teach, click here to try my full unit plan. Teaching The Giver can be a lot of fun, plan skills development pdf but it is essential to get your students hooked on the novel within the first class or two. Instructions Start by discussing the ending of The Giver.

In the Community, birthdays are stripped of the fun and nonsense, and are viewed purely as rites of passage. Discuss the similarities and differences between the ideas the various groups came up with.

How are they appropriate for each age? Ask your students to then create a Memory Book describing their own memories associated with each emotion.

Teaching Problem Solving Through The Giver In this blog post a teacher describes a prewriting strategy that helped students narrow a topic before writing an argument paragraph. Teacher Guide to The Giver How might students use storyboards to demonstrate and to extend their learning? For the full vocabulary list and answer key, plus many other resources, please see my full unit plan for The Giver. Check out all the different parts of our corresponding learning guide. How does Jonas find the strength to go on?

If The Giver teaches us anything, it's to be careful of what we're given. Students will complete a Powerpoint, Glogster, essay or news broadcast by the conclusion of the essay.