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Her product recommendations are very helpful and tell why certain products work or are detrimental for different skin types. As I write this, I have once-in-a-lifetime, facial eczema. Thus we need to use completely different products. And the sensitive section is all about how to deal with redness, which is not a problem I have.

The Skin Type Solution is a revolutionary way for patients to better understand the behaviors of their skin, as well as to discern which types of products are the best for their own skin. Avoid detergents and fragrances. There's nothing I can do about the stress, aspose merge pdf unless I my Christmas wish of a new job actually comes through. This totally did not make sense.

The book has a questionnaire to help you figure out your skin type, then personalized recommendations at all price points for your skin and its particular ailments. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. It is a recommended read if you are having problem skin or just want to maximize your beauty! Overall it is well layed out and easy to find the information that is important for your individual skin type and a quiz to figure out what your skin type is. She provides detailed lists of recommended products suited to every skin type and budget.

Do you want to know which skin type you are? Between the environmental impacts and potential personal health risks of the products that Dr. This scientific methodology is used to diagnose the skin type and match to a customized skincare regimen prescribed by your doctor. The book is straight forward, and I appreciate that Baumann is not pimping her own products. However, once you got your skin type, a large portion of the book became irrelevant.

Grab this boo This book is very informative on the various skin types that Dr. In this revised edition of her classic bestseller, world-renowned Miami Beach dermatologist and researcher Dr.


It doesn't go into as much detail as the book, but if you're short on cash and desperate to make yourself pretty, the website will do. You should read this book just for the quizes. It's worth mentioning that it's possible to change skin types based on how you treat your skin. This book showed me what type of skin I have and what I should be doing to take care of it.

The way she customizes your skincare for your skin type is spot-on! Milestones Brief History of Our Company. Baumann give you a personal consultation!

She lists products that she likes that range in price. This approach also saves a patient time and money by ensuring that they are using the best active ingredients and formulations for their unique skin. The reader does this by taking a questionnaire to determine skin type oily vs dry, sensitive vs resistant, pigmented vs non, wrinkled vs tight.

And it talked about how people with this type of skin don't get acne, which is news to me, as I'v This totally did not make sense. Dry skin is characterized by decreased sebum production, rough texture, poor light reflection and tightness, especially after cleansing. Grab this book from your local library to get a genuine dermatologist's understanding of your skin type and which cost-effective products and procedures you can do right now to heal your skin. As a dermatologist, author and researcher, Dr.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. This book is great because you take a quiz and then it tells you what your skin type is. Board-certified dermatologist Dr. My treatment was a success and I felt very comfortable throughout the entire process. For the past decade or so, skin typing has focused on normal, dry, oily and sensitive.

The premise of this book is that by figuring out your exact skin type, you will be able to properly choose your skin products and have near flawless skin. You then go to that chapter and read how to take care of your skin. Oil cleansing method with castor and jojoba oils for moisture. Leslie Baumann helps you shop for the optimal skin care products.

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She should also disclose specific financial interests and which companies sent her free samples, as this could bias her recommendations. But the section for that type of skin kept saying that it's the best kind to have because you don't have any skin problems! So, I'm pretty much going to ignore this book and keep doing what feels best.

Her new office is amazing and you feel relaxed from the moment you walk in. Most pigment changes can be prevented and corrected through the use of proper skincare ingredients.

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Oily O One factor that determines whether skin is Dry or Oily is the amount of sebum produced by the skin. Be the first to ask a question about The Skin Type Solution. But even better the author includes a list for each skin type of product suggetions that range in price from drug store brands to expensive dermatologist purchases. Skin Type Solutions Store.

In my ongoing quest to have non-terrible skin, I think this is a pretty useful tool. The strong stratum corneum associated with Resistant skin can make the skin resistant to the beneficial effects of skincare ingredients due to less absorption.

Skin Type Solutions


Unaware until reading of course, it is simple but complex. As the second edition, this book will help readers know the most current medications, cosmeceuticals, and procedures. It was educational the way she categorizes skin types. Baumann provides readers with a thorough understanding of their skin type, which helps explain the problems you may be experiencing. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Open Preview See a Problem? Baumann is a globally respected cosmetic dermatologist. World-recognized for both cosmetic and general dermatology, Dr. Avoid parabens, detergents, and fragrances.

It's clear to me now that I haven't been doing enough to take care of my skin and prevent premature aging. The online forums are pretty good, and there's an updated list of products online, since a lot of the recommendations in the book are out of date. You don't read the whole book - just the first two chapters, then take the quiz in chapter three, and then skip to the chapter that talks about your specific skin type.