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Twitter For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Lists help when you may not want to follow a user but still want to keep track of their happenings on the site. Avoid using punctuation in your username. As such, terms used to describe actions you can take on Twitter may not be in your usual vocabulary. Follower A follower is someone who follows you on Twitter and sees your updates on his home feed Your home timeline displays a stream of Tweets from accounts you have chosen to follow on Twitter.

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If you can imagine a wall of your favorite Twitter users all in one screen, you have the basics of the Twitter lists. Rules of grammar and punctuation fly out the window when you send a Tweet. You have characters, including spaces, to put down your thoughts. This brief overview of these digital terms may help. Using the symbol in front of any word or phrase tags your Tweets.

Understanding Twitter Basics

They can be used as an extremely effective way to organize and build followings around certain subject matters and topics. You can make your messages deep and philosophical, clever, funny, informational, educational, a question, an answer, or what you had on your bagel for breakfast this morning. You can quickly navigate the Twitterverse with just a few commands.

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All you need to know is the right Twitter access point. Task Command mention By placing the symbol in front of a username, you can tag another user in your Tweet. Then, as you start tweeting regularly, follow more people based on your interests. You can even group people you are not following into a list! Twitter is a social networking platform with unique ways to engage with your network.

Twitter For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Twitter For Dummies Cheat Sheet. Use your own picture as your profile photo. Typing punctuation on mobile devices is difficult. Start slowly, following people you know and who know you.

Twitter For Beginners Basic Guidelines Before You Start

Unfortunately, drop dead healthy pdf bad Tweets and poor Twitter practices sometimes show up within microblogging communications. Even Twitter etiquette is straightforward and simple. Using Twitter is fun and surprisingly easy. Understanding Twitter Basics.

In general, keep Tweets longer than one word so that your followers can understand you. You can create a hashtag about a city, local event, news event, brand, sports team, or anything you want by preceding it with the hash mark. You also have the ability to send direct messages directly to the individual through your Messages Inbox on your profile.

Hashtag Using the symbol in front of any word or phrase tags your Tweets. If the picture you use contains more than one person, make sure that people can tell which one is you. Twitter is very easy to use.